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Ebony's journal
Musings in insanity...
Prompt 12/15 – Writer’s Choice #1 
4th-Jul-2011 08:52 am
Ego- Doctor Who

Title: If the Crown Fits

Rating: PG 13, just for a few of the concepts. Cannibalism isn’t polite dinner conversation.

Set:  During the two-part episode, “The End of Time.” Sometime when the Master is still eating people, so, in the beginning half.

Characters: The Master, all by himself

AN: After trying really hard to get the ‘lyrics’ prompt completed, a second one moseyed on in, saying, ‘c’mon, this isn’t so hard.’ Dratted muse. This was supposed to be at a later point in the episode, but the Master was so impatient, I ended up putting it a little further forward. The song is “A Criminal Mind” by Gowan.




The cook was tasty.


Not as good as some dinners he’d had, but still, for a human, not too bad at all. Tender, and full of energy. The lunch lady wasn’t too bad, either, come to think of it, and her terror had added that little bit of spice to the dish. Add a side of burger and chips, and just a touch of lettuce, and voila! Dinner fit for a king.


As he finished preparing a hearty sandwich as a third course, still ravenous, a drifting bit of melody and words caught his attention from the cab’s radio.


Some people struggle daily / They struggle with their conscience / Till the end / I have no guilt to haunt me / I feel no wrong intent


“Why should I?” he asked the sandwich, which didn’t answer him. “I am the Master.


“And I am so hungry.”


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