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Ebony's journal
Musings in insanity...
Prompt 2-15 – Hints 
29th-Jun-2011 03:40 pm
Doctor Who-McDreamy

Prompt 2-15 – Hints

For: Questions and Answers

Set: After the Year, at some random trip with the Doctor

Characters: 10th, Jack Harkness

Rating: General

AN: Thanks to curious_kitty for letting me steal her idea and running with it.




Jack felt embarrassed the next morning, just a little. He’d been pestering the Doctor on what happened to him in a thousand years time, and every time that the ex-Time Agent tried another tactic, the Doctor only shook his head, sometimes smirking at the guesses that Jack had made. It had been the Doctor’s fault, really, Jack decided as he got dressed. Jack had said something about how he was grateful that he seemed to be only going grey, not bald. The Doctor had nearly choked into his next regeneration on his tea, laughing. Yet, after coughing up his tea and ginger snap cookies, he had refused to elaborate, muttering something about, “spoilers.” By the end of the night, Jack had even stooped to asking for hints, like a kid just before Christmas. Nothing.


He decided to just not mention it, and go on. Life would show him what it had in store, and, no doubt, he’d still be himself. So, when he sat down at his usual place, he wasn’t even thinking about it anymore, just on the wonderful smell of great coffee and toast… and a jar on his place mat.


A rather large jar, with what he thought was vinegar.


And one pickled egg, floating in the middle of the jar.


With a smiley face on it.


With a little card leaning in front of it that read, “Here’s your hint.”

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