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Ebony's journal
Musings in insanity...
Prompt 15/15 – Author’s Choice #3 
31st-May-2011 01:04 pm
Ego- Doctor Who

Prompt 15/15 – Author’s Choice #3


Title: Tardis Lullaby

Rating: General Awe

Characters: Francine, 10th Doctor, Tardis

Set: After the Master’s Death, before Martha leaves.

AN: After all the heartbreak and suffering I put him through this month, I thought I’d leave it on a good note for the Doctor.




The lights were half red, half green, and all muted down to levels where Francine had to look twice before putting her foot anywhere on the grating. The floor, if that’s what he called it, was covered in spare bits and bolts, some obviously broken, some looking like broken twigs. There were tools in boxes, toolboxes, baskets, and scattered for ‘easy access’.


Apparently messiness was a male trait throughout the universe, no matter how many hearts they had.


The Doctor was who she wanted to find, and he was nowhere in sight. Captain Harkness had mentioned that he was supposed to be fixing the ship, and Martha hadn’t seen him in hours. She wanted to have a word with the alien before he took her daughter away.


The floor seemed to be vibrating under her feet, the whole room was thrumming, like being near the engines of the Valiant, but this thrumming wasn’t a steady drone. It changed pitch and stopped and started, almost…


No, that was silly. Preposterous.


And yet, she had seen Japan burn from above, watched space creatures decimate so many people, watched as an ancient creature used the energy of 15 satellites somehow to restore himself to youth and health and helped to defeat an insane alien who wanted the planet to burn. An ancient creature, she saw now, under the grating, half hidden under wires and tubes and some such, one arm wrapped around a coral strut, a half smile on his sleeping face.


Why not have his ship sing him to sleep?



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