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Ebony's journal
Musings in insanity...
Prompt 8/15 – “They told me they fixed it!” 
30th-May-2011 12:19 pm
Ego- Doctor Who

Prompt 8/15 – “They told me they fixed it!”


Title: Never Trust a Clipboard

Rating: General

Characters: Jack and 10th Doctor

Spoilers: That there is a Doctor, so, none.




“Ten minutes, ten bloody minutes, well, maybe twenty, max thirty minutes of work that was involved. I tell you, there are fine dinners that could not have been shopped for in the time it would have taken them to fix this on Gallifrey. The parts were the simplest things to find! They literally grew them on trees! In the botanical gardens on the southern edge of Wild Endeavour! They made the little first years go out and pluck them! No, they had to scrimp and decide that, well, it’s a box, let’s check it on the clipboard. Never mind actually doing the work, no, or that it’s a critical link up for half a dozen other systems and can’t really be by-passed, unless, of course, you’re brilliant, amazing, a genius, well, basically, me.


“But! C’mon, that’s the whole point of a clip board full of work orders. You do the order, you get the satisfaction of ticking it off the ‘to-do’ list and you go on to the next thing. Never liked it that way myself, always started at the bottom of the pile, or the middle, funny the things they try to slip into the middle of a contract or a pile, always the bit you should have really read and paid attention to! When the work order on the clipboard of the repair technicians of the main fleet of Tardis’s says that it is fixed, replaced and tested, then you are supposed to be able to trust them that it is fixed, replaced and tested! Not a hotwired jumble of parts that I have to replace with other jumbles of parts every four thousand miles of actually movement!”


Jack thought the Doctor was especially cute when he stuck under the Tardis grates, held completely immobile for the twenty minutes that the glue needed to cure before he could let go, and had nothing to do other than rant and complain while lying on his back with his hair sticking up at every angle, and the glasses perched just so on his nose. 


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