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Ebony's journal
Musings in insanity...
Prompt 4/15 – Daffodils 
29th-Jun-2011 03:42 pm
Hee Hee Doctor

Prompt 4/15 – Daffodils


Title: Helpful Gardeners

Characters: 5th Doctor

Rating: G - Fluff

AN: I`ve never written the 5th Doctor, and only read a few novels, seen one episode, and heard him on audio book twice. Please, be kind.




The Tardis gardens were usually well kept, the Doctor mused to himself, although the old girl did like to throw in the odd mess here and there, especially when she was feeling neglected. And the last few regenerations hadn’t seemed to be all that keen on gardening. Well, he thought wistfully, perhaps that will change when I settle in a bit more. I like cricket, and that`s certainly a lawn sport. The two go together, one would think. Yes, perhaps a little puttering in here won`t be so difficult.


Walking through the vast lawns, and winding shrubs, he came across the one silver willow tree that Sarah Jane had loved to have picnics under, sometimes convincing his 4th self to come along. All around it, blowing gently in the artificial wind, the red grasses from his home called out for him to lay down and enjoy a lazy afternoon where he could read, snack, and doze in perfect safety, surrounded by a sea of red…


…and one yellow blob in the distance.


So, now, crouching beside the yellow flower that bloomed so wonderfully in the middle of the sea of red grass, he wondered if it were the red or the black squirrels that were chattering at him from the branches above his head that had planted this lonely, lovely reminder of spring, hope and warm days to come.



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