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OLA Super Conference 
5th-Feb-2008 08:17 am
Ego- Doctor Who
Greetings, all.

Last week was wonderful week in that I got the chance to go to the big OLA Super Conference. Our school paid for our trip down to see the Expo, which is where every library-related vendor in the country tries to be. It was amazing to see all the things that are out there for libraries to use and to take away with them. There were workshops for people to attend, and key speakers. It was the year that the head of OLA (Which stands for Ontario Library Association) was retiring, so there were tributes to him.

It was wonderful.

My feet really hurt, and my knees aren't talking to me nicely.

Took a lot of notes, and the vendors were really nice, especially as we were students, which equals a big No Sale Here sign. They explained a few things, and showed us around. Picked a few freebies, and a lot of literature that was....

More helpful than some of our classes.....

So, I wish I could have gone for the whole weekend, but the budget won't allow that. I volunteered for the Friday, day of the BIG storm, and got to giggle at people in high heels in snowbanks. Bit lonely volunteering, as I felt like the odd-man out, not really knowing anyone and being on my own for the most part. Giving directions around a building that I don't know where anything is.

All in all, a fun two days. Just me and the bobble head pen....who is staring at me.
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